Mission: : To provide environmental planning, analysis and documentation in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and to obtain scenic stream, wetland, coastal use, levee, and bridge permits for Departmental projects.
Appendix A - Plates.pdfAppendix A - Plates1/26/2016 2:26 PM25130 KB
Appendix B - Typical Section.pdfAppendix B - Typical Section1/26/2016 2:26 PM134 KB
Appendix C - Traffic Study Report.pdfAppendix C - Traffic Study Report1/26/2016 2:27 PM2733 KB
Appendix D - Memo of Safety Considerations.pdfAppendix D - Memo of Safety Considerations1/26/2016 2:27 PM8 KB
Appendix E - Solicitation of Views and Public Meeting.pdfAppendix E - Solicitation of Views and Public Meeting1/26/2016 2:27 PM18826 KB
Appendix F.pdfAppendix F1/26/2016 2:27 PM2 KB
Appendix G - Air Quality Analysis.pdfAppendix G - Air Quality Analysis1/26/2016 2:28 PM577 KB
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Appendix I - Section 4f Findings Report.pdfAppendix I - Section 4f Findings Report1/26/2016 2:28 PM97 KB
Appendix J - Wetlands Findings Report.pdfAppendix J - Wetlands Findings Report1/26/2016 2:28 PM12831 KB
Appendix K - Significant Trees.pdfAppendix K - Significant Trees1/26/2016 2:29 PM322 KB
Appendix L - Noise Analysis.pdfAppendix L - Noise Analysis1/26/2016 2:29 PM31058 KB
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