LADOTD Structure No. P5529412905941
Recall No. 200858

Description of the Bridge

The Caroll Street Bridge (DOTD Structure No. P5529412905941, Recall No. 200858, Louisiana State Historic Resource Inventory No. 55-01177) on Caroll Street over Bayou Black in Gibson, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana (Lat. 29.686950 Long. -90.990750) is an approximately 122 feet long by 11.8 feet wide steel I-beam cable stayed center pivot swing span bridge built in 1945. The swing span is approximately 97 feet long by 11.8 feet wide and contains the cable stay system. The remaining approximately 25 feet is a fixed steel I beam span that approaches from the south.


National Register of Historic Places Eligibility

Through consultation with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Louisiana State Historic Preservation Officer (LASHPO) and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), the bridge has been determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). This cable-stayed swing bridge has significance as an important example of a movable bridge and as a subtype. Its significance is demonstrated by the presence of distinctive engineering and design features of a cable-stayed swing bridge, which is characterized by a steel I-beam swing span, center-bearing turning mechanism, pivot pier, and tower structure above the pivot pier with cables that support the bridge in open position. The bridge exhibits alterations, including the addition of a suspended metal walkway on one side that results in a minor loss of integrity, but continues to convey significant design features of this subtype. The bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register under Criterion C: Design/Engineering. No evidence was found during research or data collection activities to indicate that this bridge possesses a direct and important association with historical events or trends. This bridge does not possess significance under Criterion A.


Status of the Bridge

The bridge is owned by Terrebonne Parish and is closed to vehicular use. Terrebonne Parish, LADOTD with FHWA, through the Off System Highway Bridge Program propose to replace the bridge under State Highway Project H.011159 and Federal Highway Project No. H011159. The estimated replacement date is to be determined.

The Caroll Street Bridge was included in LADOTD’s Historic Bridge Inventory and was categorized as a Non Priority for Historic Preservation due to its condition and the probability that it could not be modified to meet transportation criteria and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior standards for the treatment of historic bridges. Additionally, it was included in the Programmatic Agreement Among the FHWA, the LADOTD, the ACHP and the LASHPO regarding Management of Historic Bridges in Louisiana, executed August 25, 2015, (viewable at this web link

Removal of the bridge will create an adverse effect to the historic property. As per the Programmatic Agreement Stipulation (VII.D.1, 2 and 5) to partially mitigate the Adverse Effect to this historic bridge, the steel bridge portion is being marketed to other entities for non-vehicular use at a different location for historic preservation. If ownership of the steel bridge portion is not transferred to another entity it will be demolished along with the other components of the bridge.

Re-use of the steel bridge portion as a non-vehicular bridge is encouraged. It is not necessary that the swing span be made movable again. If you are interested in acquiring this bridge for adaptive, non-vehicular use please read the stipulations for bridge ownership transfer below. This bridge will be marketed until April 13, 2017.


Contact Carey Coxe at or 225-242-4520 by April 13, 2017 if you are interested in acquiring this bridge for adaptive re-use or if you have questions on submitting a proposal.


Approximate Dimensions of the Steel Span Bridge Portion

The bridge is an approximately 122 feet long by 11.8 feet wide steel I-beam cable stayed center pivot swing span. The swing span is approximately 97 feet long by 11.8 feet wide and contains the cable stay system. The remaining approximately 25 feet is a fixed steel I beam span that approaches from the south.

Funds for Relocation and Reuse of the Bridge

Costs eligible for reimbursement associated with preserving the bridge are limited to the cost of the demolition. The estimated demolition cost of the bridge is $80,000.00. The steel span portion of the bridge contains lead paint. Lead paint abatement cost is considered a preservation activity and the cost would be reimbursable as part of the $80,000 available for reimbursement. The estimated salvage value of the bridge is $2,000.00.

Stipulations for Bridge Ownership Transfer

The entity receiving the bridge must agree to the following:

The entity would be charged the salvage value of the steel span portion which is estimated to be $2,000.00.

The bridge has lead paint which will require abatement. The entity who acquires the bridge will be responsible for lead paint abatement. The entity must accept full ownership and all financial and legal responsibilities, including maintenance, liability, and permitting for the steel span portion.

The entity shall ensure that the steel span portion is closed to motorized vehicular traffic (i.e., cars and trucks).

Relocating and reassembling the steel span portion will be the responsibility of the entity taking ownership.

The proposed use of the steel span portion will be subject to the approval of FHWA, LADOTD, and LASHPO.

The entity will be required to execute a preservation agreement that will include the above stipulations.

Submitting a Proposal

Interested parties must submit a proposal to LADOTD in writing (either by email or letter) of their interest by April 13, 2017. Please reference project number H.011159 in your proposal.

Send proposals:

Via email:

Via mail:

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Section 28

P.O. Box 94245

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245

Attn: Carey Coxe

The proposal must address:

Location and use: Where will the bridge be relocated, what will be its new use, and how it will be made accessible to the public?


Setting: Will the bridge continue to maintain a similar crossing as its original site, such as a water crossing or as a separation structure? Does the proposed relocation site have a similar setting as the original location?


Assumption of responsibilities: The new owner must demonstrate understanding of the specific responsibilities they will take over when ownership is transferred, including title and insurance. The proposal must specifically discuss that the new owner will:

a) Maintain the bridge and the features that give the historic bridge its historic significance for a period of at least 20 years; and

b) Assume all future legal and financial responsibility for the historic bridge, which may include an agreement to hold the state transportation department harmless in any liability action.

Rehabilitation: Are there plans prepared for the rehabilitation of the structure on site? Do the plans meet the Secretary of the Interior Standard? In the case of disassembly, are disassembly plans prepared?


Requirements and studies: Describe any additional special requirements for the reuse of the bridge (e.g., if the bridge will be used for pedestrians, railing geometry and capacity restrictions for this use should be considered) and any additional studies or environmental clearances that are needed for the relocation, including potential archaeological survey of new site.

Cost estimate of the cost to relocate the structure and the reinstall at new site, including how funds will be obtained or raised.


Schedule: Outline of the proposed relocation schedule, addressing ability to have bridge off its current site by the scheduled replacement date (to be determined by LADOTD) and plans for temporary storage of the bridge, if needed.

Evaluation of Proposals

Proposals will be reviewed by a selected committee including representatives of LADOTD environmental and bridge staff, and the LASHPO. Each proposal will be reviewed and evaluated based on how well it meets the above proposal criteria. If the first choice in owner withdraws from the process prior to relocation, the bridge will not be re-marketed. Rather, the review committee's second choice in owner, if any, will be selected. The timeframe for relocation will not be re-started with the re-selection; however, a relocation extension may be granted at the owner's discretion. If there is no proposal that meets the above proposal criteria, then the bridge can be demolished.

Schedule for review of proposals

Proposals will be reviewed within 2 months of submittal deadline.

Additional information:

If you have questions about the bridge or the process of submitting a proposal please contact Carey Coxe at (225) 242-4520 or



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