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Standard Plans

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Special Details

Folder: 01. Slab Spans
Folder: 02. PPC Girders
Folder: 04. Misc. Span Details
Folder: 05. Piles
Folder: 06. Bridge Railing, Barrier and Guard Rail
Folder: 07. Signing and Lighting
Folder: 08. Detour Bridge
Folder: 09. Bridge Maintenance
Folder: 1. Bridge Railing
Folder: 10. Approach Slabs
Folder: 11. Miscellaneous
Folder: 3. Temporary Precast F-Shape Barrier
Folder: 4. Special Rehab Guard Rail (NCHRP-350)
Folder: 5. Special Rehab Guard Rail (MASH)
Folder: Bridge
Folder: Hydraulics
Folder: Landscape
Folder: Off System
Folder: Old On System Specs Slab Span PDF
Folder: On System
Folder: Pavement Preservation
Folder: Road
Folder: Special Details
Folder: Traffic
_Bridge Special Details Index (08-20-18).xlsx
_Hydraulics Special Details Index (08-13-19).xlsx
_Landscape Special Details Index (08-20-18).xlsx
_Pavement Preservation Special Details Index (08-20-18).xlsx
_Road Special Details Index (08-20-18).xlsx
_Slab Span Common Details.pdf
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Historical Bridge Standards (1917-1979)


 Historic Bridge Standards (1917-1979)

Folder: Historical Bridge Standards (1917-1979)
( Historical Bridge Stds) (1917-1979) Index.xls
(B-2-11) T-T-6.pdf
(B-2-11c)  T-S-11-15.pdf
(B-2-129) T-M-16.pdf
(B-2-141 Revised) T-T-18.pdf
(B-2-151) T-S-97.pdf
(B-2-156 A) T-T-27.pdf
(B-2-173) T-T-40.pdf
(B-2-183) T-T-1.pdf
(B-2-183) T-T-1'.pdf
(B-2-184) T-S-12.pdf
(B-2-194) T-T-31.pdf
(B-2-2) T-T-7.pdf
(B-2-219) T-S-3.pdf
(B-2-220) T-S-1.pdf
(B-2-247) T-T-35.pdf
(B-2-262) T-M-13.pdf
(B-2-268) T-T-2-3 (2).pdf
(B-2-268) T-T-2-3.pdf
(B-2-294) T-T-28.pdf
(B-2-336) T-T-99-10.pdf
(B-2-341)  T-T-22.pdf
(B-2-352) T-S-99.pdf
(B-2-354) T-M-14.pdf
(B-2-73 Rev) T-S-4.pdf
(B-2-74) T-S-2.pdf
(B-2-77) T-S-98.pdf
(B-2-97)  T-T-26.pdf
(B-2-98) T-T-17.pdf
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Folder: Archive
Folder: Archive 2018-05-03
Folder: Archive 2018-07-10
Folder: Archive 2018-07-23
Folder: Archive 2019-02-28
Folder: Archive 2019-06-20
Folder: Archive 2019-08-13
Folder: Archive 2020-02-12
Folder: Archive 2020-06-01
SC-02(removed per Jody Colvin 5-3-18).pdf
TTC-00 (A)(3-12-13).pdf
TTC-00 (B) (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-00 (C) (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-00 (D) (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-01 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-02 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-03 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-04 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-05 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-06 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-07 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-08 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-09 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-10 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-11 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-12 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-13 (3-12-13).pdf
TTC-14 (3-12-13).pdf
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