​Traffic Simulation

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Traffic Software

CORSIM - Used to evaluate freeway and arterial highway corridors
CVE - Used to demonstrate the effects on safety and capacity due to driveways and median openings
HCS- Used to evaluate intersection operations and highway segments, and is the standard software for interchange justification and modification reports
Sidra - Used to evaluate roundabouts and used to compare roundabouts, signals, and all way stops
Synchro - Used to study signals and signal corridors
VISSIM - Used to evaluate freeway and arterial corridors, complex transportation projects, and roundabouts


Synchro, Vistro and HCS software will only be allowed for the equations that are in the HCM.  These programs cannot be “tweaked” to provide output for solutions that are not in the HCM.  Some examples of what cannot be analyzed in Synchro, Vistro and HCS are DDI and CFI.  If you have any questions on this please contact Jody Colvin at 225-242-4635.