07. Existing and No Build Analysis ​

HCM ​Optio​n​


Vissim Option

​A. Existing Vistro and/or Synchro Analysis


B. MOEs for Existing Analysis


C. No Build Analysis


D. Potential A​lternatives (CAP-X or Tier 1)

A. 50% Coded Model with Document 

B. 50% Meetin​g


​1. 50% Vissim Meeting at DOTD HQ

2. Required Attendees: DOTD HQ Section 77 and Consultant

3. Optional Attendees: DOTD Task Managers and other applicable personnel

4. Content: a presentation discussing the 50% Vissim model and all inputs, calculations, assumptions and QA/QC


C. 100% Build with Document

​D. MOEs for Existing Analysis

E. No Build Analyis

F. Potential Alternatives ​(CAP-X or Tier 1)​​


​Deliverable: (Approval needed to begin Alternative Analysis)
Appendix D: Existing and No Build Analysis (includes electronic files of analyses) 
CAP-X Matrix​ OR Tier 1
Chapter 2​​​