07. Existing and No Build Analysis ​- Vissim Option


A. Phase 1 - 50% Microsimulation Model and Document (Deliverables at this stage must be approved before Phase 2)

1. Louisiana Vissim Calibration Parameters and Vehicles

2. 50% Checklist

3. Phase 1 Checklist

4. 50% Meetin​g 

a. Location: DOTD HQ

b. Required Attendees: DOTD HQ Section 77 and Consultant

c. Optional Attendees: DOTD Task Managers and other applicable personnel

d. Content: a presentation discussing the 50% Vissim model and all inputs, calculations, assumptions and QA/QC

B. Phase 2 - Calibrated Model and Documentation

1. Phase 2 Checklist

C. Develop Volume Map with Growth Rate applied for design year

D. Perform Existing Analysis

E. Perform No Build Analysis 

F. Perform Cap-X Matrix and/or Tier 1 Analysis for the critical intersection

G. QA/QC Documentation


​Deliverable: (Approval needed to begin Alternative Analysis)

Appendix D: Existing and No Build Analysis (includes electronic files of analyses)

CAP-X Matrix​  and/or Tier 1

DOTD Existing and No Build Checklist

Chapter 2​​​​