05. Existing Safety Analysis


    • Coordinate with Safety Section to obtain authorization for crash database
    • Obtain crash history for the three (3) most recently approved years
    • Analysis must include all crash types, not just vehicles. 

A. CATScan Tool 

    1. Provide graphs per year and overall three year period
    2. Provide overall summary of crashes

B. Collision Diagram (DOTD will approve year for detailed analysis diagram)

C. Crash Report Documentation​

    1. Crash History (list of crashes)
    2. Corrected components of crashes
    3. Provide individual summary of crash report narratives

D. Crash Analysis​ Summary

    • Explain results, patterns, trends and problem areas using results from B, C, D and E.

E. Existing Safety Analysis QA/QC Checklist


Deliverable: (needs DOTD approval to begin Alternative Analysis)

Appendix C - Existing Safety Analysis​​​​​​​​​