05. Final Data Collection

A. Turning Movement Counts ​​(TMCs) with Demand

- The following information should be submitted as a hard copy -

1. Demand Calculations with summ​ary of any demand counts that need to be added to TMCs

2. Driveway Counts and Median Opening Counts​​

3. Maps with Raw TMC and Demand for Existing Model

4. Maps with Balanced Volumes​ - if micro-simulation modeling is required

5. Maps with Final Peak Hour Volumes​​​ – final volumes for existing conditions, including trip generation if applicable 

B. Peak Hour Observation

C. Growth Rate Determination – justification of how the growth rate was determined

1. TransCAD

2. Historical Growth

3. Any other sources used to obtain growth rate(s)

D. Trip Generation - if applicable

1. Maps for final turning movement counts with demand and trips generated

2. Known developments shall use the latest edition of the ITE Trip Generation Manual

3. Shall be justified, documented and clearly distributed on the network

F. Speed Study Data​ – if applicable

1. Shall adhere to EDSM VI.1.1.1 and Section 20.2 of the LADOTD Traffic Engineering Manual

G. Travel Time Runs - if applicable

H. Warrant Analysis​ – if applicable

1. Shall adhere to EDSM VI.3.1.6

2.  Summary tables and detailed output

I. QA/QC Documentation



Appendix B - Final Data Collection

Introduction of Final Report

Chapter 1 of Final Report

DOTD Final Data Collection Checklist