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Gathering Information
* View accident scene promptly (Conditions can change)
* Provide a clear description of the incident/accident
* Provide a clear description of the location
* Take photographs
  * Attach copies to accident report
  * Keep originals on file

1. Go to the scene as soon as possible.  Conditions change as mentioned before. Example is lighting might change due to time of day.  Might even need to go back at the same time of day the next day to see if there was anything with that time of day lighting.
What were the conditions before, during, and after the accident?
2. Need to get a clear concise description of the incident/accident.  Does “tripped and fell” tell me anything?  What were you doing, carrying anything, someone blow a horn and scare you?  Get the most complete description that you can.
3. Description should be concise enough that I could go back and find the location of the incident/accident again if needed.  Does “parking lot” give me a good location?  State landmark or measurements from landmarks so the area can be located.

Take photos of the incident/accident scene.  Keep a log as you are taking them so you do not have to try and figure out what something is when you get back and print the pictures. Take photos from different directions and note the direction of the view taken.

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