Louisiana Transportation Authority

The Louisiana Transportation Authority [LTA] was created in 2001 by the Louisiana Legislature to promote, plan, finance, develop, construct, control, regulate, operate and maintain any tollway or transitway to be constructed within its jurisdiction. Development, construction, improvement, expansion, and maintenance of an efficient, safe, and well-maintained intermodal transportation system is essential to promote Louisiana's economic growth and the ability of Louisiana's business and industry to compete in regional, national, and global markets and to provide a high quality of life for the people of Louisiana.

LTA's jurisdiction is statewide, coextensive with the boundaries of the State of Louisiana.

LTA is domiciled in East Baton Rouge Parish.

LTA is governed by a board of nine directors. The Secretary of the LA Department of Transportation and Development is a director and serves as a member of the board.

As a matter of public necessity the LTA is authorized to pursue alternative and innovative funding sources, including but not limited to public/private partnerships, tolls, and unclaimed property funds to supplement public revenue sources and to improve Louisiana's transportation system.

The goal of LTA is to encourage investment in the state of Louisiana by private entities and to facilitate to the greatest extent feasible the financing, development, and operation of transportation facilities.