About DOTD

Our Vision: To move Louisiana onward by delivering a safe and innovative multimodal transportation and infrastructure system.

Our Mission: Plan, design, build and sustain a safe and reliable multimodal transportation and infrastructure system that enhances mobility and economic opportunity.

Our Values: 


    • Efficiency — Ability to accomplish goals with the minimal use of resources.
    • Honesty   Moral character connoting integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness.
    • Inclusion  — Valuing the perspectives and contributions of all people, and striving to incorporate the needs and viewpoints of diverse communities into all aspects of the organization.
    • Quality     — The degree of excellence by which an individual, object, or project meets or exceeds requirements.
    • Dedication — A complete and wholehearted devotion to a task or organization.
    • Commitment — Being bound or obligated to a particular cause, action, or attitude.


DOTD is committed to maintaining human resources policies that are beneficial to families which include flexible work schedules, telecommuting, maintaining affirmative action goals for all segments of society, special leave for higher education endeavors, and tuition reimbursement for college courses.​