Quality Surface Program

The Quality Surface Program is an approximately $425 million initiative to repair approximately 1,100 miles of roadways across the state.

This historic resurfacing program was made possible through Governor Jindal and the legislature’s effort to pass a bill allowing for the bonding of the State Highway Improvement Fund (SHIF) revenue stream for non-federal aid routes. The bonded funds, combined with the SHIF’s regular funds, will allow the state to improve the quality of roadways, many in rural areas that haven’t been repaired in over 30 years due to lack of funding.

Non-Federal Aid routes are made up of mostly rural roads. Unlike major roadways, Non-Federal Aid routes are not eligible for matching funds from the federal government, which means there is less money available to fund projects for rural roads throughout the state.

A list of projects included in the program can be found below.

Quality Surface Program Projects.pdfQuality Surface Program Projects5/5/2014 10:32 AM41 KB