Right-of-Way Permits

The DOTD Right-of Way Permit Unit is responsible for regulating the location, design, methods for installing, adjusting, accommodating, and maintenance of non-DOTD facilities such as driveways and utilities on highway right-of-way. The types of permits issued include: Project, Residential and Commercial Driveway, Vegetation Enhancement, Vegetation Maintenance, Traffic Signal, Traffic Control Device, Geophysical, Movable Property, Mailbox, Wireless, and Fiber-Optic. Additionally, the Right-of-Way Permit Unit is responsible for negotiating joint use agreements for use of DOTD right-of-way.

All completed permit applications must be submitted to the District Right-of-Way Permit Specialist responsible for the Parish in which the work will take place. If the permit application includes more than one District, a separate permit must be prepared for each affected District. Be sure to attach to the permit application all additional documentation such as drawings. Any questions regarding the requirements for completing the forms listed on this web page should be directed to the appropriate District Right-of-Way Permit Specialist.

Applicant must submit entire permit application form including rules and regulations in order to be processed.

Right-of-Way Permit Index

Permit Title Used For Modified
  Automatic License Plate Camera 5/28/2013
  Fiber Optic Permit For parallel controlled access only 5/28/2013
  Geophysical Permit Geophysical Surveys 5/28/2013
  Mailbox Permit
  Standard Plans: 
            Mailboxes 1
            Mailboxes 2
New, relocated or redesigned mailboxes 5/28/2013
  Moveable Property Permit Movement of large objects across highways 5/28/2013
  Project Permit
  Railroad Grade Supplement
For use with Facilities (not for utilities), Turn Lanes and/or Median Breaks. Check with District Permit Specialist 5/28/2013
  Seasonal Hay Harvesting Hay Harvesting
Applications are accepted between January 2nd and May 1st.
  Temporary Occupancy Permit Temporary Storage, etc…..
This permit should not be used for Temporary Access Connections.
  Utility Permit
  Bridge Attachment Supplement
  Pipe Data Sheet REV 3-7-13
  Certification for Permit Lighting Supplement
Utility installations (water, sewer, electrical, gas, telecommunications, bridge attachments, pipelines, etc.) 5/23/2013
  Vegetation Enhancement Permit Vegetation trimming/removal on the Interstate System
Vegetation trimming/removal involving significant trees
Landscaping Enhancement Projects
Outdoor advertising visibility
  Vegetation Maintenance Permit Brush clearing
Utility route clearing
  Fiber Optic and Wireless Permits Fiber Optic and Wireless approval process 1/5/2012
  Wireless Permit Wireless tower facilities and attachments 3/7/2013

Traffic Engineering Permits

Click here for Traffic Engineering webpage to get permit policies & rules.
  Request for Re-Evaluation - Traffic Generator For the re-evaluation of a traffic generator type access connection when the property is being remodeled, reconstructed, or redeveloped. 1/2013
  Access Connection Permit Form for Residential and Non-Commercial Agriculture Properties For requesting a driveway for a single-family residential or a non-commercial agriculture property to a state route. 1/2013
  Prelim Access Connection Request Form - Traffic Generator For all other requests that are not residential or non-commercial agriculture, including (but not limited to) commercial, public, temporary, utility, and bus shelter access. 6/2013
  Traffic Enforcement Systems Permits   2/22/2006
  Doc 1 - Emergency Vehicle Preemption Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Gateway Sign Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Guide Sign Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Intersection Control Device Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Memorial Sign Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Political Boundary Sign Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Regulatory Sign Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Share the Road Signs & Crosswalks Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Street Name, Advance Street Name & Intersection Warning Signs Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Warning Sign & School Sign with Flashing Beacons Request   8/14/2013
  Doc 1 - Wayfinding Sign Request   8/14/2013





 Additional Resources

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