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Oversize and overweight vehicle movement, with the exception of permit loads that qualify for 24 hour movement, will be prohibited on all state highways in selected areas (i.e., New Orleans, Lafayette, Houma, Lake Charles and New Roads) on Saturday, February 22, 2020 through Tuesday, February 25, 2020 in observance of the Mardi Gras season.


1.       Parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard (including the interstates) 

2.       Within the city limits of Lafayette, with the exception of I-10 

3.       Within the city limits and surrounding area of New Roads 

4.       Within the city limits and surrounding area of Houma 

5.       Within the city limits and surrounding area of Lake Charles, with the exception of I-10 and I-210

The Truck Permit Office will remain open Monday and Tuesday, February 24th and 25th for the issuance of Permits outside of the designated areas.

The State of Louisiana enacted new legislation for permitting classifications and permitting fees offered by LADOTD. These changes are defined in House Bill 217 - (Click on latest bill text)


 The new permits are now available. The changes are:

  •  Annual Permit for Timber Harvest Season. The Timber Harvest Season is for TIMBER ONLY in their natural state. The fee is $100. The duration is one year from the start date.

  • Containerized Cargo Class 2 has changed from an annual permit to a semiannual permit. The fee is $375. The duration is 6 months from the start date.


  • Fee schedule changes will impact Single Trip – Overweight Permit Types.    

Notice: Per the requirements from Secretary Wilson, insurance changes have been made to Oversized and Overweight (OSOW) Permitting. OSOW truck loads seeking to operate in the State of Louisiana shall be required to present a certificate of insurance for a minimum of $100,000. The insurance certificates are required to be on file as of December 4, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting Office at 800-654-1433 option 1. 

Escort Vehicle Permits will expire each year on December 31st. regardless of start date.  They must also have proof of coverage for general liability insurance, motor vehicle liability insurance, and workers' compensation, each providing for a minimum of five hundred thousand dollars in coverage.(revised statue 387.1)



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Phone: 800-654-1433 option 1