Materials and Testing Lab

The mission of the Materials and Testing Section is to develop, administer, and regulate the Department's Materials Quality Assurance Program, environmental evaluation programs, and the geotechnical exploration and testing programs in cooperation with our public and private partners.

The Materials Quality Assurance Program includes materials evaluation and design, materials specification development and conformance programs.  


Location Information
Physical Address Materials and Testing Section
5080 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806-4123
Mailing Address P.O. Box 94245
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245
Phone Number (225) 248-4131
Fax Number (225) 248-4187
Group Email​

Name Phone Title
KRISTOPHER E. WASCOM 225-248-4101 Materials Engineer Administrator
AMAR D. RAGHAVENDRA 225-248-4217 Assistant Materials Engineer Administrator​
JASON K. DAVIS 225-248-4106 Field Quality Assurance Administrator
KIM S. TROSCLAIR 225-248-4132 Administrative Program Specialist B
J. FRANCISCO GUDIEL 225-248-4111 Geotechnical & Physical Evaluations Engineer
FAREN SPOONER​​​ 225-248-4135 Soils and Aggregate Engineer
REED PRESTON JR. ​​​ 225-248-4147 Chemical Testing and Evaluation Engineer
MICHAEL GRUBB ​225-248-4121 ​Chemical Testing and Evaluation Engineer
​DANIEL HUGGINS ​225-248-4102 ​Special Testing and Evaluation Engineer Intern
JUSTIN W. MORRIS 225-248-4219 Physical Testing & Evaluation Engineer
BRUCE (CHI) MIU ​225-248-4134 ​Physical Testing & Evaluation Engineer Intern
BRANDON M. JOHNSON 225-248-4145 Soils and Aggregates Engineer
MELINDA K. BRAUD 225-248-4168 TEU - Engineering Technician DCL
ALTON L. BOOTH 225-248-4225 Physical & Concrete - Engineering Technician DCL
CHRISTOPHER J. CHARLES 225-248-4136 Cement & Adhesives - Engineering Technician DCL
KASEY P. BROWNING​ 225-248-4165 Materials Qualifications