Specialty Products Evaluation

Please send all forms and literature to the Specialty Products Evaluation Coordinator, Kasey Browning, at kasey.browning@la.gov. 

For any additional information on the evaluation process, manufacturer responsibilities, and committee responsibilities please refer to the link above titled SPE Evaluation Policy.

The Specialty Products Evaluation process was developed to review materials that do not meet the requirements of the Approved Materials List; however, the Department may find useful on a project case by case basis.  The Specialty Product Evaluation (SPE) Committee, established by DOTD EDSM V.4.1.1, provides for the structured review, evaluation, and implementation of all specialty products and associated procedures submitted to the department. The SPE Coordinator fully documents all submittals, evaluations, and implementation of specialty products.


The committee establishes policies and procedures to give structure and consistency to the review, evaluation and implementation of committee recommendations. Chairing the SPE Committee is the Materials Engineer Administrator who appoints members of their staff to coordinate the committee's activities. The committee is composed of various sections and divisions of the department such as the Materials and Testing Section Coordinator, Procurement Section, Contracts & Specifications, Maintenance Section, Bridge Design Section, Construction Division, Maintenance Division, Traffic Engineering and Service, and the Louisiana Transportation Research Center.

Manufacturer Responsibilities: 

A manufacturer requesting a product evaluation by the department must complete a Specialty Products Evaluation Form available from the Materials and Testing Section. The form must be signed by a representative of the manufacturer that officially authorizes the evaluation of the product and acknowledges the "General Notes" on the form. Additionally, the manufacturer must send via email the form and all product literature, MSDS sheets, prior test data, etc. to the Specialty Product Evaluation Coordinator.  The manufacturer will be notified of the receipt of the submittal. After the SPE Committee meeting, the manufacturer is notified as to whether or not the product will be evaluated. The name of the evaluator will also be provided if applicable. After completion of the evaluation, the manufacturer will be notified of the committee's actions.

Committee Procedures:

The committee reviews all specialty product submittals and decides whether products have merit to the department to pursue the evaluation. Should the committee decide to evaluate the product, the assigned evaluator may contact the manufacturer and/or representative to set up a time for the manufacturer and/or representative to present to interested parties within the department. One of the department's sections will coordinate the evaluation either through the department or APEL/NTPEP. Upon completion of the evaluation, the committee reviews the results of the evaluation and approves or rejects the product. When a product is approved, the committee coordinates the implementation of the product.

Committee Meetings: 

The SPE Committee meetings are usually held in February, May, August, and November at: 

Materials and Testing Section
5080 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806