​Traffic Engineering Manual

The Traffic Engineering Manual is intended to supplement the MUTCD by clarifying DOTD policy concerning the study and installation of traffic control devices.  The Manual replaces previous policy memorandums and certain EDSM's that address issues which are unique to the traffic engineering function. 

The Manual is divided into four sections:
  • I. Administrative Policies - Policies adopted by DOTD pertaining to Traffic Engineering
  • II. Requirements - Traffic Engineering policies set by DOTD.  Revisions to these policies will be signed by the Chief Engineer and become effective upon receipt.  Non-compliance of these policies requires approval from the correct chain of command.
  • III. Studies - Further guidance to accompany relevant EDSMs. 
  • IV. Appendices - List of Figures and Tables and reference information 


1A1 - Study of Traffic Engineering Locations.pdf
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1B1 - Traffic Engineering Waivers.pdf
4/29/201567 KB
2A1 - Signs.pdf
4/29/2015137 KB
2A2 - U Channel Sign Post Splice.pdf
4/29/2015100 KB
2B10 - Move Accidents from Travel Lanes Signs.pdf
4/29/201582 KB
2B11 - Move Over Emergency Vehicles.pdf
4/29/201584 KB
2B2 - Use of Truck Route Signs.pdf
4/29/201568 KB
2B3 - Use of No Truck Signs.pdf
4/29/201569 KB
2B4 - Use of Weight Limit Signs.pdf
4/29/201568 KB
2B5 - Use of No Hazardous Cargo Signs.pdf
4/29/201568 KB
2B6 - Unmuffled Compression Brake Prohibited Signs.pdf
4/29/2015149 KB
2B7 - Loud Music Prohibited Signs.pdf
4/29/2015137 KB
2B8 - Installation and Maintenance of Stop Signs.pdf
4/29/201568 KB
2B9 - Keep Right Except to Pass and Slower Traffic Keep Right Signs.pdf
4/29/201569 KB
2C3 - Traffic Signal Under Study For Removal Signs.pdf
4/29/201580 KB
2C4 - Signal Ahead Signs.pdf
4/29/201570 KB
2C5 - Low Clearance Signs.pdf
4/29/201569 KB
2C6 - Warning Signs for Play Activities.pdf
4/29/2015102 KB
2C7 - Warning Signs for Animals.pdf
4/29/201599 KB
2C8 - Church Warning Sign.pdf
4/29/201569 KB
2C9 - Bridge Ices Before Road Sign.pdf
4/29/201568 KB
2D2 - Jurisdictional Boundary Signs.pdf
4/29/2015129 KB
2D3 - Gateway Signs.pdf
4/29/2015122 KB
2D4 - Hospital Signs.pdf
4/29/2015158 KB
2D5 - Pharmacy Signs.pdf
4/29/201583 KB
2D6 - Supplemental Guide Signs.pdf
4/29/201583 KB
2D7 - Destination Signing.pdf
4/29/2015117 KB
2D8 - Local Street Name Signs.pdf
4/29/201570 KB
2D9 - Landscape Sponsorship Signs for Roundabouts.pdf
4/29/201581 KB
2E2 - Tourist Info and Welcome Center Signs.pdf
4/29/2015120 KB
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