Port Priority Program

The purpose of the Port Construction and Development Priority Program is to ensure that adequate landside facilities are available to meet a definite market need by providing guidance and public funds to build landside infrastructure; thereby, providing jobs and competitive transportation cost to move cargo, minimizing highway congestion, improving safety and reducing maintenance cost on our highways.



Any Louisiana public port authority may apply for funding of a proposed port project.

The types of projects that shall be funded by the program are limited to the construction, improvement, capital facility rehabilitation and expansion of publicly owned port facilities including intermodal facilities and maritime-related industrial park infrastructure developments. Projects such as wharves, cargo handling capital equipment, utilities, railroads, access roads and buildings which can be shown to be an integral component of any proposed port project are eligible.


How to Apply for Funding 

Applications are due to the Department of Transportation & Development by the 1st of March, June, September and December of each calendar year for funding consideration in the following fiscal year. The applications shall include a description of the project, demonstration of immediate need, benefits to be derived, preliminary design, cost estimate and a description of the project area. The program may provide up to 90% of the cost of construction. The Department currently limits the amount of program funds that may be provided for any one project to $15 million received at a maximum rate of $5 million per year.


For additional information about LaDOTD's Port Priority Program, please contact us at 225-379-3033​​ or by email.​