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The purpose of the Local Public Agency website is to familiarize the public agencies with the programs that are available to them through the DOTD for local transportation and public works projects. It is also intended to help Louisiana’s public agencies fulfill the requirements of planning, design and construction inspection of transportation facilities using state or federal funds. It assists the local public agencies with the processes of acquiring the approvals necessary to obtain Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Federal Aid Funds or state funds through DOTD to develop local transportation projects and defray the sponsoring entity's costs. A sponsoring entity is a local public agency that initiates and sponsors a project to be included in the DOTD Highway Program, Public Works projects and Intermodal Transportation Programs using state and/or federal funds.

These are Cost Reimbursable Programs; Do Not Spend Money Without Prior Written Approval

LPA Qualification Program Training

DOTD/LTAP is pleased to announce  upcoming courses that are part of the LPA Qualification Program. The LPA Qualification Program was developed jointly by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Louisiana Division, and the Louisiana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). The primary goal of the program is to increase the efficiency of project delivery for local transportation projects that utilize state and federal funds by helping local agency personnel understand the requirements associated with these funds.

The first course in the series is the LPA Qualification Core Training. All LPA project sponsors and their consultants are required to take the core training to be qualified to participate in the state and federal programs on future transportation projects.

After successfully completing the LPA Qualification Core Training as a prerequisite, please participate in the "Project Planning, Feasibility & Application Workshop", the "Project Design & Delivery: Developing an LPA Project for Bidding" training, and the "Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I)" training. The "Project Planning, Feasibility & Application Workshop" discusses how to get a project into the program.  The "Project Design & Delivery" training encompasses the steps required to prepare a project for bidding. The "CE&I" training module includes important information on the required procedures and processes that must be followed during the implementation of a transportation construction project funded with Federal or State Aid funds. Professional Development hours will be offered for the LPA courses.

To learn more about the training or register online, visit the Louisiana LTAP site at  www.ltrc.lsu.edu/ltap/ 

For more information contact:

        Courtney Dupre

4099 Gourrier Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
FAX 225-767-9156