TAP Announcements

The 2023 DOTD Transportation Alternatives Program Information Guides may be obtained electronically or through the mail. The documents may be downloaded from this website (see documents below). Documents may also be obtained through the mail by writing or e-mailing the following:

Mr. Brian Nunes  
PO Box 94245
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245

You may also e-mail Steve Meek, Steve.Meek@la.gov, to request the documents.

Entities should note that DOTD takes applications on a bi-annual basis. Applications will be accepted during even number years only.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please send an e-mail to the personnel listed above.

2023 DOTDTAP Projects

2023 Application Transmittal Sheet.docx2023 Application Transmittal Sheet1/13/2023 10:43 AM138 KB
2023 Call For Projects Announcement.docx2023 Call For Projects Announcement1/13/2023 10:43 AM56 KB
2023 DOTDTAP Application Guide.docx2023 DOTDTAP Application Guide1/17/2023 2:02 PM1986 KB
2023 General Instructions For Completing DOTDTAP Application.docx2023 General Instructions For Completing DOTDTAP Application1/13/2023 10:43 AM85 KB
2023 TAP List of Awards.pdf2023 TAP List of Awards9/29/2023 2:02 PM423 KB
TAP Greater than 50K Application 2023.xlsxTAP Greater than 50K Application 20231/13/2023 10:43 AM76 KB
TAP Less than 50K Application 2023.xlsxTAP Less than 50K Application 20231/13/2023 10:44 AM75 KB


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