Welcome to Complete Streets!

Complete Streets is DOTD's committment to accommodate the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users along with traditional vehicles.  To assist with implementing a complete streets policy at DOTD, an Advisory Council of Louisiana Stakeholders was formed that continues to meet quarterly to advance and guide DOTD policy.  DOTD publishes an annual report on the complete streets performance measures for legislature that documents progress towards meeting complete streets goals.  

So, whether you're a cyclist looking for bicycle maps for that weekend ride in Baton Rouge, or a designer looking for the minimum design guidelines on DOTD projects, this site should help you find the information you need - just use the navigation menu on the left.  


What does a Complete Street look like?

Here are some examples of how we incorporate sidewalks and bike lanes within traditional roadways:

Example 1: Minor Collector 4 Lane Undivided with Curb & Gutter

​(created with StreetPlan.net​)


Example 2: Minor Collector 2 Lane with TWLTL and Curb & Gutter

​(created with StreetPlan.net​)