​Engineering Directives and Standards Manual

The reasons for establishing this Engineering Directives and Standards Manual are to: (a) simplify the directives system; (b) eliminate proliferation and supplementation of basic directives; and (c) consolidate for ease of reference all directives containing policies, procedures, standards, and guides relating to the administration of the Highway Program. Sign onto the site to Search

EDSM_IV_1_1_16.pdfEDSM_IV_1_1_16Regulations For Opening Flood Control Devices Designed and Built For The Purpose Of Flood Control On DOTD-Maintained Reservoirs6/19/2014
EDSM Volume I - General Policies.pdfEDSM Volume I - General PoliciesEDSM Volume I - General Policies
EDSM Volume II - Design and Contracts.pdfEDSM Volume II - Design and ContractsEDSM Volume II - Design and Contracts
EDSM Volume III - Construction.pdfEDSM Volume III - ConstructionEDSM Volume III - Construction
EDSM Volume IV - Maintenance.pdfEDSM Volume IV - MaintenanceEDSM Volume IV - Maintenance
EDSM Volume V - Materials Quality Control.pdfEDSM Volume V - Materials Quality ControlEDSM Volume V - Materials Quality Control
EDSM Volume VI - Traffic Engineering.pdfEDSM Volume VI - Traffic EngineeringEDSM Volume VI - Traffic Engineering
EDSM_I_1_1_1.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_1Establishing of Highway Engineering Directives and Standards3/6/2009
EDSM_I_1_1_2.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_2Policies for Adoption, Revision and Distribution of Standard Plans1/1/1996
EDSM_I_1_1_3.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_3Procedure For Completion of Plans, Proposals and Cost Estimates For Construction Projects12/20/1988
EDSM_I_1_1_4.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_4Project Development Status6/18/1999
EDSM_I_1_1_5.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_5Departments Surface Characteristics Program4/20/1994
EDSM_I_1_1_6.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_6Control of Sewer Effluent Discharge Onto Department of Transportation and Development Rights-of-Way8/1/1996
EDSM_I_1_1_8.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_8Establishment of Uniform, Regulatory Truck Weight Limits For Structurally Deficient Highway Bridges Located on Public Roads3/13/2014
EDSM_I_1_1_10.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_10Abandonment and Displosal of Unneeded Highway Right-of-Way11/19/1985
EDSM_I_1_1_11.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_11Data for Design of Pavement Rehabilitation and Replacement Projects1/28/2013
EDSM_I_1_1_12.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_12Engineering Automation12/17/1986
EDSM_I_1_1_13.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_13Establishment of DOTD Research Problem Identification Committee3/30/1989
EDSM_I_1_1_15.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_15Uniform Bridge Re-Rating Policy3/24/2014
EDSM_I_1_1_16.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_16Bridge Management7/7/1994
EDSM_I_1_1_17.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_17Mailbox Standards8/19/1986
EDSM_I_1_1_18.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_18Value Engineering3/5/2013
EDSM_I_1_1_19.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_19Public Road Exchange and Transfer11/5/2007
EDSM_I_1_1_20.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_20Authorization and Definition of the State Highway System10/15/2013
EDSM_I_1_1_21.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_21Treatment of Significant Trees in DOTD Right-of-Way9/3/2004
EDSM_I_1_1_22.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_22Clearing and Thinning of Interstate Intersections by Municipalities For Beautification6/21/2002
EDSM_I_1_1_23.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_23Rotation Program For Emploees in the Engineering Design Sections6/22/2006
EDSM_I_1_1_24.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_24Plan Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Construction Plans12/1/2006
EDSM_I_1_1_25.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_25Project Delivery Feedback Loop Between Districts and Headquarters12/22/2006
EDSM_I_1_1_26.pdfEDSM_I_1_1_26Capital Outlay Bond Projects9/23/2011
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