Louisiana Dam Safety Authorization

Legislative Authorization: R.S. 38:21-28

The purpose of the program is to provide for the regulation of the construction, operation and maintenance of existing and future dams, both federal and non-federal (but excluding Toledo Bend Dam) in order to prevent and correct potential hazards to downstream life and property. Under a permitting process developed through promulgation of Rules and Regulations, DOTD exercises supervision and overview of the construction, modification, operation, and maintenance of dams to the extent required to protect life and property and to provide for the safety and welfare of the public. DOTD is required to inspect all dams to ensure conformity with established standards and regulations.

 Dam Maintenance Program

Legislative Authorization: R.S. 38:26

DOTD is authorized to operate and maintain the dam, water control structures, gates, spillway and related appurtenances on 20 state constructed reservoirs to the extent deemed necessary to ensure that the man-made impoundment structure and the attendant water-control devices are functioning to design capabilities. The program develops a prioritized list of needed repairs for each dam, along with itemized cost estimates, for submission to the legislature for funding. Once funding has been obtained, repair contracts are prepared.