Louisiana Reservoir Development Program

This program is to develop a Reservoir Priority Development and Construction Program (RPDP) for future state-funded reservoirs in Louisiana. The RPDP will be used by DOTD to evaluate and prioritize applications for reservoir funding, based on a comprehensive suite of engineering, environmental and socioeconomic criteria. Specific evaluation criteria will be used by a team of reviewers from various agencies, to score the proposed reservoir projects to determine the highest priority or best value project and provide a prioritized list to the legislature for consideration and funding. If necessary, the RPDP will identify and prioritize statewide water supply issues relative to available supplies, needs, regulatory and institutional issues and socioeconomic influences to establish the basis for evaluating reservoir projects, and potentially other future water resource projects. A focused and comprehensive RPDP will enable Louisiana to address current and emerging water resource issues, which will support attracting new industry to the State and improving the quality of life for its residents.
To view the "Executive Summary", "Louisiana Statewide Perspective on Water Resources Report" and other characterization reports, Click Here
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