NFIP Enrollment Information

How to enroll in the NFIP?

A Community is defined by FEMA as "A political entity that has the authority to adopt and enforce floodplain ordinances for the area under its jurisdiction."

You can click on the Community Status Book which will help you determine if your community is participating or not.  If your community is not participating, please follow the following steps which will outline how to apply to become a participating community.

  1. Determine the level of regulation for your community.  If you are unsure what level of regulations apply to your community, please feel free to give us a call or email us for assistance.
  2. Click on the corresponding sample ordinance listed below. These sample regulations can be modified and adopted to satisfy the requirements of your community.  *Please note, you can not remove anything from the samples.  You can only add to them.
  3. Consider adopting higher regulatory standards to ensure the protection of lives and property.  Also, by adopting higher standards, the community may become eligible to participate in CRS and receive discounts on flood insurance.
  4. Adopt the appropriate level of regulations including a resolution​ committing your community to floodplain management.  As is the case with the sample regulations, the resolutions are samples and may be modified to satisfy the requirements of your community.
  5. Note that it is the responsibility of the community and it's legal staff to verify enforcement capabilities and procedures.
  6. Last, the application must be completed and submitted to FEMA region VI along with a signed and sealed copy of your adopted regulations and resolution.  Instructions​​ are provided.

Sample FEMA Ordinances