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Use as a refresher, or take the whole course: FEMA NFIP 101 in partnership with the Association of State Floodplain Managers:

1.   The NFIP 101: Introduction to Floodplain Management is a great course to take in the meantime while you are waiting to take a classroom version of the 0273 course (which may be available in your state, or at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (with travel reimbursement for eligible local government and tribal participants, next offerings are 2/12-2/15, 3/11-3/14, 4/22-4/25 and 9/9-9/12). Students are able to take the entire NFIP 101 course (14-17 hour duration) at their own pace for CFM CEC credit, or just pop in to view/review certain sections as needed. ASFPM is hosting the course, and students who do take the entire course will be eligible for 12 CFM CECs through ASFPM.

2.   Note: This course does not translate to any FEMA EMI E/L0273 credits. NFIP101 (​


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