Acquisition Forms And Letters

Adversely Impacted Form.xlsAdversely Impacted Form12/18/2020 10:01 AM38 KB
Adversely Impacted Transmittal Letter to Property Management.docAdversely Impacted Transmittal Letter to Property Management6/28/2018 11:24 AM236 KB
Certificate of Chief Engineer.docCertificate of Chief Engineer6/28/2018 11:24 AM35 KB
Certificate of Just Compensation - Improvement.docCertificate of Just Compensation - Improvement12/18/2020 10:04 AM37 KB
Certificate of Just Compensation - No Improvement.docCertificate of Just Compensation - No Improvement12/18/2020 10:04 AM36 KB
Certificate on Location and Design.docCertificate on Location and Design6/28/2018 11:25 AM42 KB
Deed by Mail.docDeed by Mail3/18/2016 4:42 PM94 KB
Deed Federal Land Transfer.docDeed Federal Land Transfer12/18/2020 10:18 AM55 KB
Deed Preparation Form.xlsDeed Preparation Form11/18/2014 2:20 PM36 KB
Notice of Special Agreement.xlsNotice of Special Agreement11/18/2014 2:19 PM31 KB
Project_ION.docProject_ION6/28/2018 11:29 AM235 KB
Property Owner Opinion Survey.xlsProperty Owner Opinion Survey11/18/2014 2:18 PM64 KB
Retention of Major Improvements.docRetention of Major Improvements12/18/2013 12:28 PM31 KB
Right of Entry (No Right of Way).docRight of Entry (No Right of Way)12/18/2020 10:30 AM35 KB
Right of Entry (Pending Right of Way Acquisition).docRight of Entry (Pending Right of Way Acquisition)12/18/2020 10:32 AM35 KB
Right of Way Deed.docRight of Way Deed6/28/2018 11:31 AM42 KB
Seller Certification.pdfSeller Certification12/18/2013 12:28 PM8 KB
Seller Certification.xlsSeller Certification12/18/2013 12:28 PM29 KB
Servitude of Drain.docServitude of Drain12/18/2020 10:39 AM47 KB
Sign Board Agreement.docSign Board Agreement6/28/2018 11:35 AM40 KB
Signature (DOTD Representative).docSignature (DOTD Representative)12/18/2020 10:41 AM35 KB
Signature (Notary Public).docSignature (Notary Public)12/18/2020 10:43 AM35 KB
Sugar Cane Agreement.docSugar Cane Agreement12/18/2020 10:44 AM39 KB
Summary of Just Compensation.docSummary of Just Compensation12/18/2013 12:28 PM35 KB
Temporary Construction Servitude.docTemporary Construction Servitude12/18/2020 10:46 AM38 KB
Title Report Form.docTitle Report Form4/26/2019 9:59 AM49 KB
Title Work Checklist.docTitle Work Checklist12/18/2013 12:28 PM30 KB
Title Work Checklist.pdfTitle Work Checklist12/18/2013 12:28 PM4 KB
Title Work Evaluation Form (Field.docTitle Work Evaluation Form (Field11/14/2014 3:05 PM33 KB
W-9 Form.pdfW-9 Form1/3/2019 1:05 PM130 KB
Just Compensation Offer Letter.docJust Compensation Offer Letter11/7/2019 10:47 AM52 KB
Negotiator's Summary Report.xlsNegotiator's Summary Report6/28/2018 11:27 AM62 KB
Close-Out Check Delivery Log.xlsxClose-Out Check Delivery Log12/18/2020 10:07 AM25 KB
Close-out Letter.docClose-out Letter11/18/2014 2:24 PM722 KB
Act of Correction.docAct of Correction12/18/2020 9:51 AM39 KB
Final Notice Letter.docFinal Notice Letter2/24/2016 2:23 PM95 KB
Just Compensation Offer Letter (certification).docJust Compensation Offer Letter (certification)11/7/2019 10:48 AM101 KB
Mail Check to Owner.docMail Check to Owner2/24/2016 2:26 PM96 KB
Sale.docSale12/18/2020 10:37 AM105 KB
Act of Donation.docAct of Donation12/18/2020 9:54 AM52 KB
Title Update Letter.docxTitle Update Letter12/18/2020 10:47 AM54 KB
Expropriation File Checklist.docxExpropriation File Checklist4/11/2019 10:19 AM52 KB
Expropriation Transmittal Memo.docxExpropriation Transmittal Memo12/18/2020 10:20 AM55 KB
Request Appraisal.docxRequest Appraisal12/18/2020 10:26 AM54 KB
Request Recordation.docxRequest Recordation12/18/2020 10:29 AM63 KB
Negotiations by Mail.docxNegotiations by Mail9/11/2019 4:01 PM59 KB
Project Notice.Letter.docxProject Notice.Letter9/11/2019 4:05 PM78 KB
Right of Way Project Certification 2024 letterhead.docxRight of Way Project Certification 2024 letterhead5/6/2024 10:51 AM53 KB


Acquisition Miscellaneous Forms

104 Initial Appraisal Request.doc104 Initial Appraisal Request12/18/2020 10:50 AM237 KB
206 Tansmit Agreement to Buy Improvement.doc206 Tansmit Agreement to Buy Improvement12/18/2020 10:52 AM237 KB
303b Request Recordation-EBR.doc303b Request Recordation-EBR12/18/2020 11:04 AM118 KB
303c Request Recordation-St. Tammany.doc303c Request Recordation-St. Tammany12/18/2020 11:07 AM118 KB
303p Payment for Recording Sale.doc303p Payment for Recording Sale12/18/2020 11:09 AM118 KB
304c Request Mortgage Certificate-St. Tammany.doc304c Request Mortgage Certificate-St. Tammany12/18/2020 11:22 AM113 KB
304p Payment for Mortgage Certificate.doc304p Payment for Mortgage Certificate12/18/2020 11:24 AM116 KB
311b Request Recording - Partial Release-EBR.doc311b Request Recording - Partial Release-EBR12/18/2020 11:26 AM117 KB
311c Request Recording - Partial Release-St. Tammany.doc311c Request Recording - Partial Release-St. Tammany12/18/2020 11:36 AM117 KB
311p Payment for Partial Release.doc311p Payment for Partial Release12/18/2020 11:38 AM118 KB
312 Send Sale to Accounting.doc312 Send Sale to Accounting12/18/2020 11:49 AM237 KB
312a Send Remainder to Property Management.doc312a Send Remainder to Property Management12/18/2020 12:58 PM238 KB
322 Request Appraisal Certificates.doc322 Request Appraisal Certificates12/18/2020 1:54 PM236 KB
323 Request Engineering Certificates.doc323 Request Engineering Certificates12/18/2020 2:11 PM238 KB
351 Check Cancellation Memo.doc351 Check Cancellation Memo12/18/2020 2:26 PM236 KB
Acquisition and Negotiation Review Form.docAcquisition and Negotiation Review Form12/18/2013 12:32 PM70 KB
Partial Release of Mortgage.pdfPartial Release of Mortgage12/18/2013 12:32 PM6 KB
Payment to Clerk of Court for Copies.docPayment to Clerk of Court for Copies12/18/2020 2:41 PM92 KB
Transmit Check to Vendor.docTransmit Check to Vendor3/23/2016 10:36 AM94 KB
Request Recordation.docRequest Recordation11/18/2014 3:46 PM92 KB
Title Reports to LS.docTitle Reports to LS11/18/2014 3:48 PM721 KB
Request Contamination Testing.docRequest Contamination Testing12/18/2020 2:37 PM723 KB
Transmit Special Agreement to Road Design.docTransmit Special Agreement to Road Design11/18/2014 3:53 PM721 KB
Request Mortgage Certificate.docRequest Mortgage Certificate12/18/2020 2:39 PM93 KB
Request Recordation - Partial Release.docRequest Recordation - Partial Release11/18/2014 3:59 PM91 KB
Right of Way Project Certification.docRight of Way Project Certification12/18/2020 3:02 PM100 KB