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Secretary Sherri H. LeBas.jpgDear Colleagues,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Secretary for the past six years. After over 30 years with the State, I will be retiring from state service. Twenty-four of those years were spent at LA DOTD and six with the Division of Administration.

My experience of working in the public sector has been one of opportunity to make a positive difference in our state. Working alongside you and our industry partners to improve the quality of life for our citizens in our beautiful state has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Over the past eight years we have invested over $7.4 billion into Louisiana’s transportation and public works system. This was achieved through your hard work and efforts to see projects through from conception to the completion of construction. It is through these efforts that we have been able to build trust and credibility with our citizens in efficiently and effectively utilizing taxpayer funds for the betterment of our state. Sound and strong transportation and public works systems provide more economic growth and jobs, as well as a higher quality of life for Louisianians. I am proud of the work we have accomplished.

As I reflect on over 30 years of service, there are numerous projects that stand out in my mind. The list of projects is way too long, so I will list only a few. One project that has spanned my career is I-49 North and South. You can imagine my excitement of cutting the ribbon at the Louisiana/Arkansas border. The widening of I-10 in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and the widening of I-12 in Livingston and Slidell has eased the travels of many of our citizens. Of great significance are the funds we have invested in preserving our infrastructure built by our forefathers that has served us well. While new infrastructure projects are certainly needed for future growth, it is incumbent upon us to invest in preserving our aging transportation and public works systems as this infrastructure is needed for economic health and growth as well.

My number one priority as Secretary has been in the investment in safety projects. Through investments in safety projects such as rumble strips, cable barriers, roundabouts, turn lanes, signage, markings, enforcement and education, we have seen a reduction in the number of fatalities on our highways from 900 in 2007 to 651 in 2013. However, one death is too many. I urge you to keep safety in the forefront and to continue the Destination Zero Deaths initiative.

We completed the 2015 Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan which lays out the vision for our multimodal transportation system in Louisiana. In 2011, we moved forward with the planning and design of a number of large-scale projects in anticipation of receiving additional funding for transportation. New technology is rapidly developing. To stay competitive we must use this new technology to aid us in managing the increasing demand on our transportation system.

We accomplished so much. But there is always more work to do! I am optimistic about the future of continuing to improve infrastructure in Louisiana. My goal as Secretary has been to prepare DOTD to meet the challenges and needs of the future. Newly appointed Secretary Shawn Wilson will use his knowledge and skill to lead the way to continuing improvements to our transportation infrastructure. Your dedication, commitment, hard work and passion will continue to move Louisiana forward. Thank you for your service. I wish you all the very best.


Sherri H. LeBas, P.E.



shawn david.jpgIt is an honor that Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards has asked me to lead the Department of Transportation and Development. Having been a part of the DOTD team for more than 10 years, I know the challenges we face. I also know we have an excellent team of highly motivated professionals as I have observed your work over the years. Even during emergency events such as hurricanes and ice storms, this department is diligent about keeping the citizens moving.


Secretary Sherri LeBas and the others before her have laid the groundwork for success. We will continue to use this momentum to address our infrastructure needs and reach our goals. We are having a smooth and paced transition, in large part because of Sherri’s efforts as Secretary of DOTD and the great relationship we have had as part of the leadership team at DOTD.


In my more than 18 years of public service, I have learned the importance of teamwork. I believe the future is bright and that we will have many successes in the coming years. As Governor–Elect Edwards said the night he won, there is a breeze blowing across this state, and the evidence of that is no more clear than with the broad interest in transportation. I look forward to working with each of you and the many different stakeholders at harnessing the momentum to do great things for transportation.


by Bambi Hall

In the early 1990s, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development planners began mapping out the $300 million expansion of Interstate 10 in New Orleans, which is now entering its final phases.

In 1996, more than 166,000 vehicles a day were recorded at Carrollton Avenue near the 17th Street Canal. Following Hurricane Katrina, that count increased to approximately 195,000. Today, the need for additional capacity on one of Louisiana’s busiest stretches of highway remains a priority.

Beginning with the I-10/ I-610 interchange widening in 1997, DOTD has remained committed to ensuring the interstate system grew with the population of New Orleans. In May 2001, DOTD let a $60 million project to address inadequacies of the flood-prone I-10/ I-610 corridor – a major southbound evacuation route. By the early winter, work had begun on the multifaceted project that included widening I-10, the addition of two east and westbound lanes, reconstruction of the ramps and intersection with Tulane Avenue, a bridge widening over Metairie Road, erection of sound walls, and construction of a new 7-story-tall pump station with a combined 4,350 horsepower pumping capacity. This important project was completed in January 2005.

The completion of five major interstate improvement projects in the last decade, including the $87 million Causeway Interchange project, has also allowed traffic to move more fluidly through the corridor. The project, done in two phases, wrapped up in May 2013. The project constructed one mile of dedicated ramps in all directions to improve safety and ease congestion on the heavily traveled interchange. Phase one was completed in April 2011.

In October 2011, DOTD began the $42.4 million widening of I-10 from Veterans Memorial Boulevard to Clearview Parkway. This construction project widened 1.2 miles of I-10 from three to five lanes, in each direction, between Veterans and Clearview. It also included ramp and bridge work to accommodate the widening and built a sound wall along the segment. The project was completed in November 2014.

However, DOTD is not done yet. The Department is committed to moving projects forward that enhance economic development, while maintaining safety and improving the efficiency of Louisiana’s system. Future work includes two widening projects in Jefferson Parish, Williams Boulevard to Veterans and Loyola Drive to Williams. Both projects, currently in the design phase, will widen the interstate 3.5 miles and include ramp and bridge work to accommodate the widening, and build sound walls along appropriate segments at an estimated cost of $10-$125 million.


I-10 projects in NOLA table.jpg



DOTD’s Co-op Program Cultivates Next Generation of Engineers
by Anastasia Semien


IMG_4044.JPGIt was a matter of fate that Brandon Boucher ended up applying to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s co-op program.

Boucher, a 22-year-old LSU graduate, went to the Louisiana Transportation Research Center to apply for a student worker position. He was then informed about the co-op program, applied for it and the rest is history.

“To be completely honest, I was a poor college student facing the prospect of taking out loans. As much as I knew I would need job experience for when I graduated college, I would be downright lying if I said that was my primary motivation,” said Boucher, who has a degree in civil engineering.

He started working in the signing division in Section 27 where he eventually helped put plan sets together. Specifically, Boucher contributed to numerous projects such as the Atchafalaya Bridge speed limit signing project. He then switched over to the geometrics/ design development division after six months, where he conducted research and sketched proposed standards for things such as J-turn intersections.

“This was when I really started enjoying what I was working on more and started thinking about the possibility of working with the DOTD after college,” he said.

Boucher has enjoyed his workload thus far, from using computer program MicroStation to learning about the plan of process development and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Green Book, which includes current design research and practices for highway and street geometric design.

“My original plan actually involved getting a minor in structural (engineering), which would have required me to stay in school another semester, but I gave up the minor to graduate earlier when I heard there was a position available in the section I was working in,” he said.

Boucher graduated from the program in August and was able to transition into a full-time position with DOTD. His success story speaks to the endless possibilities of DOTD’s co-op program. Students who enroll in the highly-competitive program are eligible to work full time for four semesters beginning their junior year of college. They are placed in sections all over the state based on criteria such as GPA, letters of recommendation and professional references.

Students earn a salary commensurate with their academic level, experience, and ability in addition to the opportunity to receive academic credit. They work directly under the supervision and mentoring of a DOTD engineer.

Program administrators, Mary Leah Coco, Joyce Brignac and Samuel Cooper, say the co-op program cultivates the next generation of engineers by providing an outlet for students to get connected to the Department.

“DOTD is a complex organization that offers a variety of opportunities for engineers, but if there is never any exposure, these students are unaware of all of the opportunities in public service. It is critical for the Department to be involved in the lives of young engineers, as this is the future of our Department.” Coco, Brignac and Cooper said in a joint statement.IMG_4038.JPG

Program participant Margaret Miller, 20, works in the traffic engineering development section and says she likes having a flexible schedule and DOTD’s friendly atmosphere. She, too, has learned about MicroStation and has also drawn many diagrams of intersections around the state.

“These diagrams are put to use in the projects that are currently underway in our section. I have learned a lot about what it takes to complete a state project and how many different people have to contribute and review things until a plan can be let, or have construction begin on it,” said Miller, a civil engineering major.

“My time at DOTD has been very beneficial to my college experience in that it has really shown me where my major is leading to in the future,” she added.

Students who wish to apply to DOTD’s co-op program must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic standing with their college. Applicants with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are given more consideration.

DOTD has 13 active participants for the fall semester and anticipates 15 for the spring semester. For more information on the program, visit www.dotd.la.gov and click on the “Employment” tab. “Student Employment” will then be the fourth link down on the left.



Geaux South gets Geauxing!
by Deidra Druilhet


With more than 100 miles of a 160 mile corridor complete or under construction, the Geaux South program continues to make progress as DOTD recently hosted a launch event to kick-off the next phase for the I-49 Lafayette Connector project.

“Completion of the Geaux South program is a top priority for DOTD,” said Secretary LeBas. “As we continue to work towards the I-49 Lafayette Connector, along with other I-49 South projects, we are aiding in propelling Louisiana’s infrastructure into the future, which in turn helps to enhance safety and strengthen economic growth throughout Louisiana.”

The I-49 Lafayette Connector, part of DOTD’s Geaux South program, is a future 5.5-mile segment of highway that is a critical transportation link for Lafayette and the state as a whole. Recognizing the significance of this project, DOTD has initiated a planning and conceptual design study to complete the Functional Plan for the Connector utilizing a Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) approach.

Through meetings, forums, working groups, and other events, the CSS approach will help to achieve a project design that’s affordable, acceptable to all key stakeholders and will become a valued community asset by encouraging input and engagement with the local community. These activities are also part of a comprehensive Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) approach designed to fulfill 21 commitments established by the I-49 Lafayette Connector Record of Decision.

In addition to starting the next phase for the Lafayette Connector, work is underway related to the $57.1 million design-build project that involves widening U.S 90 to six-lanes from Albertson Parkway to north of the Ambassador Caffery intersection. The project will also construct an overpass along U.S. 90 above Albertson Parkway, a new railroad overpass and modify the adjacent frontage roads. Work on the project is slated for completion in mid-2017.

Another design-build project is also predicted to begin construction in early 2016. This $56 million project in St. Mary Parish will involve upgrading the existing U.S. 90 and La. 318 signalized intersection to a full control of access, grade-separated interchange including the reconstruction of the U.S. 90 frontage roads to provide local access to La. 318. Work is estimated for completion in just over two years.

DOTD’s Geaux South program is a $3 billion, multi-year construction initiative to convert approximately 160 miles of the current U.S. 90 corridor to Interstate 49 South. When completed, I-49 will extend from the current terminus at I-10 in Lafayette to the West Bank Expressway in New Orleans. Geaux South will support economic growth, improve access, reduce traffic congestion, and improve connectivity throughout the state’s transportation system.



by Paige Vaughn
Jeffrey-Burst-102x153.jpgLouisiana Department of Transportation and Development Project Management Director Jeff Burst recently received a top honor.
The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) presented Burst with the 2015 Distinguished Leadership Award. DBIA gives this award annually, honoring individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the advancement of design-build and design-build practices.
“This award demonstrates the progress that we’ve made in being recognized at the national level,” Burst said. “I look forward to the continued growth and development of DOTD’s Design-Build program.”
DBIA honored Burst at its annual Design Build Conference and Expo in early November. The event provided networking and educational opportunities for leaders in the design and construction industry.
Those eligible for this award include public and private owners, design and construction practitioners, elected officials, and faculty and students at accredited schools. DBIA selected Burst as the “Owner” category recipient.  







Your source to deciphering "engineer" speak.

Deck: This is the driving surface of a bridge. It includes traffic lanes, shoulders, and any bicycle/pedestrian paths. Some decks are asphalt while others are concrete.

Aggregate: A mixture of materials used in highway construction, such as sand, crushed stone, and gravel. These materials are strong and provide a solid foundation for other layers, such as the driving surface of the roadway.

Cantilever bridge: A bridge that uses cantilevers, structures that protrude and are supported only on one end. Large cantilever bridges use trusses, box girders, or I-girders. Examples include both Mississippi River bridges in Baton Rouge, the Huey P. Long Bridge in New Orleans, and the Crescent City Connection in New Orleans.







(List of bid results for projects over $1 million between June and November)

Acadiana Region: Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary and Vermilion
  • La. 365: La. 13 – La. 35 – This project will resurface 8.14 miles of La. 365 from La. 13 to La. 35. Winning Contractor/Bid: Vance Brothers Inc./$1,546,170.
  • I-10 Overpass Bridges Cleaning and Painting – This project will paint 13 structures between Lafayette and Lake Charles. Winning Contractor/Bid: Southern Road and Bridge, LLC/$2,199,920.
  • La. 104: CSLM 0.8(END CURB/GUTR)-La. 1161 – This project will overlay 2.55 miles of La. 104 in Mamou. Winning Contractor/Bid: Prairie Contractors Inc./$1,342,227.
  • La. 92: Vermilion Parish Line – La. 339 – This project will overlay 2.81 miles of La. 92 from the Vermilion Parish line to La. 339. Winning Contractor/Bid: Glenn Lege Construction Inc./$2,808,568.
  • I-49 Frontage Roads: I-10 - St. Landry Parish Line – This project will overlay 8.53 miles of I-49 frontage roads from I-10 to the St. Landry Parish line. Winning Contractor/Bid: Prairie Contractors Inc./$9,441,571.
  • Verot School Rd (Vincent - EX. 5-L) – This project will reconstruct and add lanes to 3.19 miles of Verot School Road in Lafayette. Winning Contractor/Bid: JB James Construction LLC/$32,231,483.
  • Andrepont Road and Bayou Germond Bridges – This project will dismantle and replace the Andrepont Road and Bayou Germond Road bridges in St. Landry Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Guinn Construction, LLC/$1,416,386.
  • Bayou Alexandre – This project will replace the Bayou Alexandre Bridge in St. Martin Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC /$2,810,161.
  • Interchange U.S. 90 @ La. 318 – This project will build a new interchange at U.S. 90 and La. 318 in St. Mary Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC/$55,718,841.
  • Bayou Queue De Tortue – This project will build a new Bayou Queue De Tortue Bridge in Vermilion Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC/$2,450,152.


Capitol Region: Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, St. James, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana

  • La. 939 and La. 940 Rehab – This project will overlay segments of La. 939 and La. 940 in Ascension Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Coastal Bridge Co., LLC/$1,899,253.
  • La. 67: U.S. 61/190 – La. 3006 – This project will patch La. 67 from U.S. 61/190 to La. 3006 in East Baton Rouge Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Hard Rock Construction LLC /$5,548,373.
  • OLOL Medical Complex Area Streets – This project will rehabilitate the existing roadway in East Baton Rouge Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Hard Rock Construction LLC/$1,587,891.
  • La. 30, La. 73, and U.S. 61-X Rehab – This project will overlay 3.19 miles of La. 30, La. 73, and U.S. 61-X in East Baton Rouge Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Forby Contracting, Inc./$1,769,947.
  • La. 1 and La. 69: Concrete Patching – This project will patch 2.37 miles of La. 1 and La. 69 in Iberville Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Forby Contracting, Inc./$1,119,497.
  • I-10: Iberville P/L - W End Miss BR – This project will overlay I-10 from the Iberville Parish line to the west end of the Mississippi River Bridge. Winning Contractor/Bid: F.G. Sullivan, Jr. Contractor/$3,110,549.
  • La. 986 Sidewalks – This project will install sidewalks along 0.50 miles of La. 986 in West Baton Rouge Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: KCR Contractors, LLC/$1,296,287.


Central Region: Sabine, Vernon, Winn, Grant, Natchitoches, Avoyelles and Rapides

  • Dist 08 Bridge DK Overlays and Painting – This project will overlay and paint several bridge decks throughout Sabine Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gibson and Associates Inc./$10,528,638.
  • Pioneer Road and Lakeside Loop Bridges – This project will replace two bridges in Sabine Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Guinn Construction, LLC/$1,307,521.
  • U.S. 84: La.S Railroad Overpass BR Rehab – This project will rehabilitate the railroad overpass on U.S. 84 in Winn Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: James Construction Group LLC /$1,297,820.
  • La. 8 to La. 6 (I-49 Signing) – This project will rehabilitate signs along I-49 from La. 8 to La. 6 in Natchitoches Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Acacia Industries, LLC/$1,088,351.
  • Intersection La. 114 @ La. 1 – This project will involve bridge replacement and widening in Avoyelles Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC/$2,239,566.
  • I-49: 0.32 Mi S La. 181 - 0.44 Mi N U.S. 167 – This project will overlay 5.89 miles of I-49 in Rapides Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC/$2,095,451.
  • La. 1 over I-49 Bridge Rehabilitation – This project will rehabilitate the La. 1 bridge overpass over I-49 in Rapides Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Key, LLC of Mississippi/$5,717,877.
  • La. 1204: 0.369 Mi E Springhill Rd – U.S. 165 – This project will overlay 0.92 miles of La. 1204 in Rapides Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC /$1,004,296.


Greater New Orleans Region: Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles and Terrebonne

  • U.S. 90 Bus. Signing Upgrade – West Bank – This project will upgrade signs 6.39 miles along U.S. 90 Bus. in Jefferson Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Command Construction Industrie/$1,029,203.
  • La. 20 Widening: La. 308 – St. Patrick Street – This project will widen and overlay La. 20 from La. 308 to St. Patrick Street Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC/$ 9,859,959.
  • U.S. 90 Over Miss. Rvr (GNO2) – Clean and Paint – This project will repair, clean, and paint the U.S. 90 bridge over the Mississippi River in Orleans Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Intech Contracting, LLC/$17,696,500.
  • Paths to Progress (Group 40) – This project will overlay and regrade LB Landry Avenue and Old Behrman Hwy. in Orleans Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Hard Rock Construction LLC/$6,549,264.
  • La. 46: Orleans P/L – Paris Road – This project will pave La. 46 from the Orleans Parish line to Paris Road Winning Contractor/Bid: Barber Bros. Contracting Co./$3,490,380.
  • Pakenham Dr. (La. 46 – La. 39) – This project will reconstruct Pakenham Dr. from La. 46 to La. 39. Winning Contractor/Bid: Boh Bros. Construction Co., LLC/$5,371,988.
  • I-310: Luling Br Deck Overlay and Repair – This project will remove and replace the bridge deck overlay and will perform structural repairs on the Luling Bridge in St. Charles Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: C.E.C., Inc./$24,558,799.
  • U.S. 61 @ Evangeline Road – This project will raise the U.S. 61 roadway grade along a 0.51-mile section in St. Charles Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC/$1,528,988.
  • Ormond Boulevard Pavement Rehab – This project will overlay Ormond Boulevard in St. Charles Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC/$1,648,790.
  • La. 182: Main Street – La. 316 – This project will overlay La. 182 from Main Street to La. 316. Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC/$3,168,072.
  • La. 55: 1.65 Mi S Madison Canal - Exxon Rd – This project will overlay 5.72 miles of La 55 in Terrebonne Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC/$1,299,368.


Northeast Region: East Carroll, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Union and West Carroll

  • U.S. 167 and U.S. 63: Turn Lane at Reynolds Dr. – This project will add a right turn lane at Reynolds Dr. in Lincoln Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Dirtworks Inc of Vicksburg/$1,073,974.
  • I-20 Drainage Canal Bridges – This project will rehabilitate two bridges on I-12 in Madison Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Wl Bass Construction Inc./$2,588,054.
  • La. 577: La. 860 – New Boys Road – This project will overlay La. 577 from La. 860 to New Boys Road in Madison Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: DandJ Construction Co., LLC/$2,479,610.
  • I-20: Garrett Road to Madison – This project will rehabilitate signs for 27 miles along I-20 from Garrett Road to Madison in Ouachita and Richland Parishes. Winning Contractor/Bid: Acacia Industries, LLC/$1,332,453.
  • Ole Highway 15 (Arkansas Road – U.S. 80) – This project will overlay Ole Highway 15 from Arkansas Road to U.S. 80 in Ouachita Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Diamond B Construction Co., LLC/$1,677,324.
  • La. 585: La. 879 – Sanders Road – This project will overlay La. 585 from La. 879 to Sanders Road in West Carroll Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: DandJ Construction Co., LLC/$2,404,274.


Northwest Region: Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne, Desoto, Red River and Webster

  • District 04 Bridge Rehabilitation and Repairs - This project will rehabilitate various bridges in District 04 by performing decdk, joints and girders repairs. Winning Contractor/Bid: Gibson and Associates Inc/$4,490,055.
  • U.S. 84 Passing Lanes: Winning Contractor/Bid: Best-Yet Builders, LLC/$2,588,944.
  • Lyons Hill and Flat Lick Road Bridges- This project will replace two bridges in Claiborne Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Best-Yet Builders, LLC/$1,111,119.
  • La. 154: La. 792 to La. 507- This project will resurface and widen a total of 4.9 miles of La. 154 from La. 792 to La. 507 in Bienville Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Madden Contracting Co., LLC/$1,808,359.


Northshore Region: Livingston, St. Helena, St. John, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington

  • Wax Road – This project will widen and overlay 1.76 miles of Wax Road in Livingston Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: F.G. Sullivan, Jr. Contractor/$1,398,959.
  • La. 447/I-12 Interchange – This project will construct roundabouts at the La. 447/I-12 Interchange in Livingston Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Kort’s Construction Services/$6,707,948.
  • I-10, I-12, I-55, I-59: D62 Interstate Rep – This project will rehabilitate portions of Interstates 10, 12, 55, and 59 throughout the Northshore Region. Winning Contractor/Bid: Forby Contracting, Inc./$6,156,862.
  • La. 38 – Mississippi State Line – This project will involve drainage and overlay work on La. 43 from La. 38 to the Mississippi state line in St. Helena Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Barriere Construction Co., LLC /$1,314,552.
  • La. 18: St Charles P/L – Gramercy Br – This project will overlay La. 18 from the St. Charles Parish line to the Gramercy Bridge in St. John the Baptist Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Coastal Bridge Co., L.L.C./$1,726,092.
  • La. 22: W End Tchefuncte RB - Marina Beau C – This project will overlay La. 22 from the Tchefuncte River Bridge to Marina Boulevard in St. Tammany Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Diamond B Construction Co., LLC/$2,367,018.
  • La. 1090: U.S. 190 to I-10 Widening – This project will widen La. 1090 from U.S. 190 to I-10 in St. Tammany Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Kort's Construction Services/$1,026,270.


Southwest Region: Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis

  • U.S. 90: Edgerly – Sulphur – This project will overlay 7.49 miles of U.S. 90 from Edgerly to Sulphur in Calcasieu Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Prairie Contractors Inc./$3,221,911.
  • La. 383: La. 101 - Allen Parish Line – This project will overlay 10.62 miles of La. 383 from La. 101 to the Allen Parish line in Jefferson Davis Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: Prairie Contractors Inc./$3,483,384.


Mid-northeast Region: Caldwell, Catahoula, Concordia, Franklin, LaSalle, and Tensas

  • La. 559: Duty Ferry - 5 Mi. N. Parish Line – This project will overlay 5.87 miles of La. 559 in Caldwell and Catahoula Parishes. Winning Contractor/Bid: DandJ Construction Co., LLC/$2,260,266.
  • La. 4: La. 578 – Bayou Macon Bridge – This project will overlay 3.31 miles of La. 4 from La. 578 to the Bayou Macon Bridge in Franklin Parish. Winning Contractor/Bid: DandJ Construction Co., LLC/$1,591,526.





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