Cost Estimating Tools

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Bid History 2009 to 2015.zipBid History 2009 to 20154/19/2021 6:32 AM18027 KB
Bid History 2016 to 2024-05-08.zipBid History 2016 to 2024-05-085/15/2024 9:18 AM17790 KB
Bid History Estimate Tool.zipBid History Estimate Tool5/15/2024 9:19 AM24452 KB
Estimate Builder SY16 2.02a.xlsmEstimate Builder SY16 2.02a9/28/2020 9:08 AM781 KB
Monte Carlo Item Cost 2.0.xlsmMonte Carlo Item Cost 2.05/26/2020 8:12 AM56 KB
Monte Carlo Item Cost 3.01.xlsmMonte Carlo Item Cost 3.015/26/2020 8:13 AM60 KB
Spreadsheet Applications for Construction Cost Estimating(C).pptxSpreadsheet Applications for Construction Cost Estimating(C)3/30/2016 6:48 AM4077 KB