​Projects Requiring a VE

Value Engineering (VE) is a formal process that uses a team of people from various disciplines to improve the value of a project through the analysis of its functions.

Projects with a total estimated cost over $50 million and any bridge project over $40 million are required by FHWA and our own EDSM I.1.1.18 to have a VE Study performed. This total estimated cost includes preliminary engineering, construction, right of way, and utilities.

La. DOTD Project Managers that have any projects requiring a VE Study or simply feel that their project could benefit by having a VE Study are to coordinate with the VE Director in scheduling a VE Study as soon as possible. Typically, it is best to schedule a VE Study no later than 3 months prior to the Plan-in-Hand.

Value Engineering Contact:

Charles Nickel, P.E.
La. DOTD Cost Estimate and
Value Engineering Director
(225) 379-1078

Scheduled VE Studies:

No VE Studies are scheduled at this time.

VE Studies to be Scheduled:

H.004987.5, US 190 Collins Blvd Widening

H.008069.5, Peters Road Bridge & Extension (Phase 3)

H.003915.5, I-49 Inner City Connector

H.008793.5, Franklin Farms Mega Site