Bridge Design

This site will provide you with information on our mission, projects and section contacts. Links are provided for plan development downloads and design related web sites.

Mission of Bridge Design Section

To design and detail bridges and related structures which are cost effective and conform to the current national and state safety standards. Provide quality plans, technical studies, roadside and bridge safety, technical legal support, consultant coordination, mechanical and electrical plans.

Our current objectives include:

    • Provide administrative direction in support of planning and designing a transportation system for optimization
    • Optimize the use of federal bridge replacement funds
    • Improve safety on state highways and bridges
    • Maximize the number of bridge structures having load rating based on the current rating philosophy and expedite super load permit approval process on bridge structures
    • Maintain support for other functional units within the Department.
    • Maintain in-house technical expertise for plan development of bridge structures
Areas of Responsibility:
    • Zheng Zheng "Jenny" Fu, P.E.: Section Administration
    • Artur D'Andrea, P.E.: Structural Design and Off-System Bridge Program
    • Dana Feng, P.E.: Bridge Load Rating, Bridge Truck Permits and Structural Design
    • Chris Guidry, P.E.: Structural Design and Highway Safety
    • Kelly Kemp, P.E.: Structural Design, Bridge Scour Program, Consultant Management, Bridge Design and Evaluation Manual, and Bridge Standards
    • Stewart Hingle, P.E.: Mechanical and Electrical Design, and Lighting Program
    • Paul Vaught, P.E.: Structural Design, On-System Bridge Program, and Bridge Preventive Maintenance Program

Location Information:


Physical Address DOTD Bridge Design
1201 Capitol Access Rd., 6th floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Mailing Address P.O. Box 94245
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245
Phone Number (225) 379-1321
Fax Number (225) 379-1786


225-379-1319Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-1060Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-1321Bridge Design Administrator
225-379-1328Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-1809Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-1316Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator
225-379-1816Assistant Bridge Design Engineer Administrator