Historic Bridge For Alternate Use - Bayou Boeuf Bridge on La. 1177

This bridge has been removed from the state highway system but the steel truss components remain available for transfer to a new owner.

Description of the Bridge
The Bayou Boeuf Bridge (Structure Number 805805190163) was located on LA 1177 near Shirley Plantation Road was constructed circa 1920 and is one of the oldest Double-Intersecting Warren Pony Truss bridges in the State system.

National Register Eligibility
The bridge was determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A for its association with the Good Roads Movement and Jefferson Highway, a route designed to connect New Orleans, Louisiana to Winnipeg, Canada. The bridge was completed in 1920 by the State and Avoyelles Parish as part of the first phase of road improvements in Avoyelles Parish for Jefferson Highway.

Status of the Bridge
The bridge has been removed from the roadway and has been replaced under State and Federal Project No H.007876.  The bridge truss components (truss sides and bottom) are in storage at the DOTD maintenance yard. While the marketing period has expired, the bridge truss is still available for ownership transfer until it is recycled.  Contact Carey Coxe, Environmental Impact Specialist DCL at carey.coxe@la.gov for more information.

Approximate Dimensions of the Pony Truss Portion
The pony truss portion of the bridge is approximately 60 feet long by 16 feet wide and consists of the two steel trusses, stringers that supported the deck, floor beams to which the stringers are attached, and lateral bracing that runs between the floor beams.

Re-use of the pony truss as a bridge is encouraged. If the pony truss is re-established as a bridge, the entity may chose to contact the SHPO regarding its eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.

Photograph of the bridge prior to removal


Vicinity Map Showing Original Location of BridgeLocation_of_Bayou_Boeuf_Bridge.jpg

As-Built Plans for 60 Foot Steel Span Bridge in 1920 and 1921

As-builts_60ft_fixed_steel_span_-_May-1920.pdf As-builts_60ft_fixed_steel_span_-_May-1920.pdf



Stipulations for Bridge Ownership Transfer
The entity receiving the bridge must agree to the following:

    1. The entity would be charged the salvage value of the pony truss which is estimated to be $3,000. (According to Title 7 Section 14(A) of the Louisiana Constitution, property or things of value of the state shall not be donated to or for any person, association, or corporation, public or private.)
    2. The entity must accept full ownership and all financial and legal responsibilities, including maintenance and liability, for the pony truss.
    3. The entity shall ensure that the pony truss is closed to motorized vehicular traffic (i.e., cars and trucks).
    4. Reassembling the pony truss will be the responsibility of the entity taking ownership.
    5. The proposed use of the pony truss will be subject to the approval of FHWA, DOTD, and SHPO.
    6. The entity will be allowed 90 days from the date of the title transfer to move the structure to its new location.
    7. The entity will be required to post a plaque with information that the pony truss was part of the Bayou Boeuf Bridge.
    8. The entity will be required to execute a preservation agreement which will include the above stipulations.