Compensation & Staffing

Michelle Sanders
(225) 379-1288
Human Resources Manager, Room 301-F
E-mail: Michelle Sanders

    • Unit Manager
    • Development/Interpretation of DOTD Policies and Civil Service Rules for Programmatic Areas
    • Agency Table of Organization (T.O.) Maintenance/Reporting

Ashley Holliday
(225) 379-1285
Human Resources Specialist, Room 300-K
E-mail: Ashley Holliday

    • Data Quality Management Program
    • Liaison with District HR Analysts

Duane Doppler
(225) 379-1230
Administrative Program Specialist, Room 300-B
E-mail: Duane Doppler

    • HR Records Management
    • Verification of Employment
    • Public Records Requests


Michelle Hughes 
(225) 379-1669
Human Resources Supervisor, Room 301-C
E-mail:  Michelle Hughes

    • Compensation Administration
    • LaGov HCM Organizational Management Administration
    • Job Study Coordination

Mary Thomas
(225) 379-1291
Human Resources Specialist, Room 301-A
E-mail: Mary Thomas

    • Position Allocation Coordination
    • Discretionary Pay Provisions

(225) 379-1903
Human Resources Analyst, Room 301-E

    • Position Allocation Coordination
    • Discretionary Pay Provisions


Andrell Ward  
(225) 379-1289
Human Resources Manager, Room 301-D
E-mail: Andrell Ward

    • Assistant Unit Manager
    • Staffing Administration
    • LaGov HCM & LA Careers Administration

Rachel Johnson
(225) 379-1644
Human Resources Specialist, Room 300-M
E-mail: Rachel Johnson

    • Selection Program
    • Non-selection Grievances
    • Interview Assistance

Shonett Haynes-Williams
(225) 379-1295
Human Resources Specialist, Room 300-N
E-mail: Shonett Haynes

    • LA Careers Expert
    • Vacancy Activity Reporting
    • Personnel action entry for assigned sections
    • Exit Questionaire Reporting

Jennifer Taylor  
(225) 379-1644
Human Resources Analyst, Room 300-M
E-mail: Jennifer Taylor

    • Personnel action entry for assigned sections
    • LA Careers Postings
    • Immigration Compliance

Annisia Osborne
(225) 379-1296
Human Resources Analyst, Room 300-L
E-mail: Annisia Osborne

    • Recruiting Program 
    • Student Employment Programs
    • Personnel action entry for assigned sections
    • LA Careers Postings