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Checklist for Claims.pdfChecklist for Claims3/15/2018 7:56 AM10 KB
Consultant and Project Manager Checklist for Claim.pdfConsultant and Project Manager Checklist for Claim3/18/2016 3:39 PM167 KB
Submitting a Claim.pdfSubmitting a Claim3/8/2018 4:12 PM9 KB

Consultant Scoring



DOTD-ACEC Contract Initiative Groups.pdfDOTD-ACEC Contract Initiative Groups3/1/2017 12:56 PM153 KB
DOTD-ACEC Group 1 Procurement.pdfDOTD-ACEC Group 1 Procurement3/18/2016 2:30 PM144 KB
Questions from grading presentation  February 2016.pdfQuestions from grading presentation February 20163/1/2017 12:57 PM1325 KB
Recommended Changes to Rating Method 2-15-2017.pdfRecommended Changes to Rating Method 2-15-20173/1/2017 12:56 PM11609 KB
Sign in sheets 2-11-16.pdfSign in sheets 2-11-163/1/2017 12:56 PM233 KB

Consultant Performance Rating Form Examples



CPPR Average Scores  2-28-2020.pdfCPPR Average Scores 2-28-20202/28/2020 1:39 PM64 KB
CPPR Example-Bridge Design.pdfCPPR Example-Bridge Design3/18/2016 2:58 PM267 KB
CPPR Example-Construction CE and I Painting Inspection and Environmental Monitoring.pdfCPPR Example-Construction CE and I Painting Inspection and Environmental Monitoring3/18/2016 2:58 PM18 KB
CPPR Example-Construction CE and I.pdfCPPR Example-Construction CE and I3/18/2016 2:58 PM334 KB
CPPR Example-Construction CPM Projects.pdfCPPR Example-Construction CPM Projects3/18/2016 2:58 PM247 KB
CPPR Example-Construction Design Review.pdfCPPR Example-Construction Design Review3/18/2016 2:58 PM304 KB
CPPR Example-Construction Final Audit.pdfCPPR Example-Construction Final Audit3/18/2016 2:58 PM274 KB
CPPR Example-Contract Management.pdfCPPR Example-Contract Management8/22/2017 1:41 PM277 KB
CPPR Example-Data Collection and Analysis.pdfCPPR Example-Data Collection and Analysis3/18/2016 2:58 PM238 KB
CPPR Example-Environmental.pdfCPPR Example-Environmental3/18/2016 2:58 PM317 KB
CPPR Example-Geotechnical.pdfCPPR Example-Geotechnical3/18/2016 2:58 PM311 KB
CPPR Example-ITS.pdfCPPR Example-ITS3/18/2016 2:58 PM275 KB
CPPR Example-Location and Survey.pdfCPPR Example-Location and Survey3/18/2016 2:58 PM298 KB
CPPR Example-Planning-Stage 0 Feasibility.pdfCPPR Example-Planning-Stage 0 Feasibility3/18/2016 2:58 PM315 KB
CPPR Example-Planning-Transportation Planning.pdfCPPR Example-Planning-Transportation Planning3/18/2016 2:58 PM309 KB
CPPR Example-Program Management.pdfCPPR Example-Program Management3/18/2016 2:58 PM219 KB
CPPR Example-Right of Way.pdfCPPR Example-Right of Way3/18/2016 2:58 PM289 KB
CPPR Example-Road Design-Controlled Access Facilities.pdfCPPR Example-Road Design-Controlled Access Facilities3/18/2016 2:58 PM272 KB
CPPR Example-Road Design-Pavement Preservation.pdfCPPR Example-Road Design-Pavement Preservation3/18/2016 2:58 PM305 KB
CPPR Example-Road Design-Rural.pdfCPPR Example-Road Design-Rural3/18/2016 2:58 PM259 KB
CPPR Example-Road Design-Subsurface Utility Engineering Services.pdfCPPR Example-Road Design-Subsurface Utility Engineering Services3/18/2016 2:58 PM278 KB
CPPR Example-Road Design-Urban.pdfCPPR Example-Road Design-Urban3/18/2016 2:58 PM270 KB
CPPR Example-Traffic Engineering - Development.pdfCPPR Example-Traffic Engineering - Development3/18/2016 2:58 PM246 KB
CPPR Example-Traffic Engineering-Design.pdfCPPR Example-Traffic Engineering-Design3/18/2016 2:58 PM247 KB
CPPR Example-Traffic Engineering-Management.pdfCPPR Example-Traffic Engineering-Management3/18/2016 2:58 PM233 KB
CPPR Example-Traffic Safety.pdfCPPR Example-Traffic Safety3/18/2016 2:58 PM265 KB

Errors and Omissions



DOTD Errors Omissions Policy.pdfDOTD Errors Omissions Policy3/18/2016 2:38 PM115 KB

General Information


 General Information

Questions and Answers in Response to updated guidance on indirect cost rates 7 19 17.pdf
7/19/2017 2:59 PM683 KB
Signed PET Letter to DOTD Consultants.pdf
6/30/2020 4:22 PM354 KB
Initial PETs.pdf
6/30/2020 4:22 PM187 KB
Supplemental Ethics Requirements Contract Language.pdf
6/30/2020 4:25 PM7 KB


Job Classifications

A firm submitting an engineering proposal should use the following definitions in setting forth the man-hour requirements to perform the required work. In furnishing audit information, the firm should designate the proper persons with their rates to the proper classification. The auditors will verify the personnel classifications provided by the firm to see that the rates are properly segregated.



Average Salary and Indirect Cost Rates.pdfAverage Salary and Indirect Cost Rates2/11/2020 1:45 PM273 KB
Job Classifications with Descriptions.pdfJob Classifications with Descriptions6/17/2019 1:41 PM98 KB

Procurement Process



Contract Procurement Process for Negotiated Contracts March 2016.pdfContract Procurement Process for Negotiated Contracts March 20163/18/2016 2:44 PM37 KB
Contract Procurement Process Non-Negotiated Contracts Revised March 2016.pdfContract Procurement Process Non-Negotiated Contracts Revised March 20163/18/2016 2:44 PM36 KB
Contract Procurement Process Retainer Contracts Revised March 2016.pdfContract Procurement Process Retainer Contracts Revised March 20163/18/2016 2:44 PM40 KB

Selection Protest



Protest and Appeal Procedures.pdfProtest and Appeal Procedures8/17/2018 8:37 AM57 KB

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