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Disclaimer: This form is to be used by the Prime Contractor on active construction projects to request information from the Department concerning the plans, specifications, special provisions or constructabilty on a specific project or to submit a value engineering or contractor proposal.



RFI-Proposal Form.pdfRFI-Proposal Form3/19/2018 4:07 PM12 KB
RFI-Proposal Form.xlsRFI-Proposal Form3/19/2018 4:07 PM37 KB
RFI-Proposals Instructions.pdfRFI-Proposals Instructions3/19/2018 4:07 PM89 KB

Misc. Engineering Documents, Forms and Manuals 


 Misc Documents

Folder: Construction Contract Administration Manual
Construction Contract Administration Manual
Certificate of Final Inspection and Payment.pdf
Certificate of Release.pdf
Comite River Diversion Canal CMAR Project Letters of Interest.pdf
Contractor's Affidavit.pdf
DOTD Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) Manual (2020).pdf
DOTD Construction Plans Quality Control - Quality Assurance Manual (QC-QA).aspx
DOTD Self-Generated Legislative Authority.pdf
EDSM_I_1_1_28 - Final Plans and Modifications To Final Plans.pdf
Procedure For Final Plan Transmittal and Final Plan Modifications Including Plan Revisions and/or Plan Changes Resulting From Change Orders12/19/2016
Errors and Omissions Policy and Procedures.aspx
A Guide To Constructing, Operating, and Maintaining Highway Lighting Systems
Lighting on State Highways.pdf
Policy For Roadside Vegetation Management.pdf
Right of Entry Form for Construction Projects.doc