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The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is committed to providing a DBE/SS Program that contributes to the growth and self-sufficiency of individual minority businesses. Our goal for this program is to facilitate the education and development of DBE firms so they can compete in the highway construction industry and conduct business outside of the DBE Program. We strive to ensure that small disadvantaged business enterprises can compete fairly for federally-funded projects and that only eligible firms participate in the LA DOTD DBE Program.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation selected SJB Group, LLC to provide comprehensive support services to certified disadvantaged business enterprises ("DBEs"). Support services include full technical capabilities and financial condition assessments, business development and bidding assistance workshops, marketing and financial advisory assistance.

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 The SJB’s DBE Supportive Services staff consists of:

Jackie des Bordes, Program Coordinator
Kenyatta Sparks, Program Assistant
Grace Chatman, Communications Specialist

For assistance, please call 225-769-3400 or visit them at:

8377 Picardy Ave,
Baton Rouge, LA   70821.

For further information on our Supportive Services Program, please contact Stephanie Ducote, Compliance Programs Director, 225-379-1382, Stephanie.Ducote@la.gov

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