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The Louisiana Department of Transportation has committed to providing an On-the-Job (OJT) Supportive Services Program that will educate and train contractors about the OJT Program with the goal of expanding the pool of qualified workers within the transportation industry. LADOTD has selected SJB Group, LLC to assist LADOTD with implementing this program and to aid in education and training of contractors who perform work on highway construction projects to include minorities, women, disadvantaged individuals and protected veterans so that employment and business opportunities can be improved for these individuals. Through education and training of the OJT goals and requirements to the prime contractors, SJB Group LLC will assist LADOTD in striving to accomplish their OJT annual goal and assist in the documentation required. SJB Group will work with LADOTD in the reporting processes required by Federal Highway with regards to monitoring and tracking of the highway construction projects that are developed.

SJB Group LLC will work with LADOTD to implement policies and procedures to assist in achieving their OJT Goals and work to increase awareness among the Contracting Community as well as ensure that proper documentation and forms are user friendly.

Working with LADOTD to achieve the goal of providing training to individuals, including minorities, women, disadvantaged individuals and protected veterans is also an objective for the SJB Group LLC as the Department’s OJT Supportive Services Consultant.

As the OJT Supportive Services Consultant, SJB Group, LLC is committed to the following objectives:

    • Assist in the promotion of the OJT Program by scheduling and hosting public forums to advise Prime Contractors of OJT requirements.
    • Develop literature (e.g., flyers brochures, et.) regarding the OJT Program which can be distributed to the Primes.
    • Partner with LADOTD Program Specialist 5 (Contractor Compliance Program Manager) and LADOTD Investigator (Contract Employee) when Contractor Compliance and CUF Reviews are conducted to discuss OJT contracts and opportunities with Prime Contractors.
    • Train Prime Contractors in OJT requirements (i.e., completion of different documents; explaining when to submit and to whom).
    • Prepare detailed confidential reports and summaries of each visit/meeting with Primes. Maintain records of all OJT related data.
    • Observe and identify problems in departmental OJT Program and develops proposed corrective action which will be submitted to the Project Manager.
    • Obtain necessary guidance and FHWA input on when and how to capture Prime Contractor’s internal training efforts.
    • Assist Prime Contractors with outreach, recruitment, retainage and enrollment of OJT participant.

The SJB's DBE Supportive Services staff consists of:

Jackie des Bordes, Program Coordinator
Kenyatta Sparks, Program Assistant

For assistance, please call (225) 769-3400 or visit them at:

Suite 200
5745 Essen Lane
Baton Route, LA.

For further information on our Supportive Services Program, please contact Stephanie Ducote, Compliance Programs Director, (225) 379-1382, Stephanie.Ducote@la.gov.


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